Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Lebanon, Vektor & Pi provides Training and Development solutions and Human Resources consultancy services in the MENA, the GCC and other international metropoles. 

The story behind the brand:

Our company’s name reflects its goal.

Vektor: represents the scientific element “vector” which combines magnitude and direction (➔).

Pi: is one of the most famous constants in all of mathematics (π =3.1415).

Projected in a business context, the combination of “Vektor” and “Pi” aims at moving companies forward from their current to their targeted operating model while establishing a consistent and sustainable performance.

Standing by our motto “achieve through people”, our central focus is to align, engage and develop individuals and teams to reach their organization’s vision and greatly impact its profit and growth.

The people behind the brand:

We are three Human Resources experts sharing,

the same values of professionalism, integrity, trustworthiness, ethical and genuine bonds;

the same belief that people are the most vital resource that stimulates productivity and guarantees sustainable development;

who came together to materialize their vision: build a Human Resources Services Firm striving to unleash organizations’ potential through leveraging people’s abilities.