We are Organizational Development Facilitators,

We believe your people are the primary asset and driving force behind the success of your organization

We commit to capitalize on their strengths and unleash their potential to boost productivity and growth

We trust that our consulting and development solutions support your organization in achieving its goals


Through our association with TRACOM, we provide 2 international research-based learning solutions that improve people ability to think, act and react

Discover those easy-to-learn courses, assessments and resources, aiming at nurturing socially intelligent professionals

Authorized Resellers for the EMEA

Authorized Resellers for the EMEA

Our 3 online learning journeys are now available.

Discover those modular and flexible courses,

aiming at building and developing individuals and teams capabilities

Dive into each of the 4 separate modules

Dive into each of the 4 separate modules

Dive into each of the 5 separate modules

All our trainings are delivered in 3 languages, English, French and Arabic